Rick has ALWAYS loved Monster Trucks even as a young boy!!!

From playing with monster trucks, going to events, being a part of the truck owners teams, to eventually working as a crew chief at the age of 17 for the T Maxx and Sudden Impact Monster Trucks.                  This was always his dream!

After graduating from Fowlerville High School, Fowlerville, Michigan in 2008, Rick completed the      Think Big Program at Owen Community College in Perrysville, Ohio in 2010, went on to use his education to work for Holt Cat in Laredo, Texas from the fall of 2010 until the fall of 2011. Still having that itch to work with Monster Trucks, Rick was hired by Feld Motorsports in the fall of 2011 to be the Crew Chief for the Grave Digger Monster Truck working out of North Carolina shop.

Rick had always known Dan Patrick and the Samson Monster Truck, watched his racing at events and loved that truck!

 Just so happened that the Patrick’s were vacationing at the Outer Banks in North Carolina in 2012 and Rick met Dan Patrick’s daughter Allison. To make a long story short, all went well and Rick was hired by Dan Patrick Enterprises Inc. in 2013 to crew for Dan and Allison, as Dan was planning to retire after driving for 30 years and Allison was starting to pilot Samson.

Rick then went from crewing to driving/racing Samson in 2015, as Allison was now crewing for him!

Allison and Rick were married in 2016. Their daughter Hadley was born in 2018 and son Hudson was born March 2020.

Rick is the current driver of the Samson Monster Truck as well as has many shop duties at                      Dan Patrick Enterprises Inc., Circleville, Ohio.

Rick and Allison travel to 20 plus Monster Truck events annually throughout the summer months.

Samson Monster Truck racing definitely has continued to be a family affair!!

We are also excited to be a part of the European Hot Wheels Monster Truck Live Events in 2020 promoting the Tiger Shark Monster Truck!!