The Patrick Enterprises Inc crew is always excited to work with long time customers and that was certainly the case when Greg Wichenbach of the Crushstation was looking to build an all new truck for the 2020 summer season.

Wichenbach of Jefferson, Maine has been a long time PEI customer for all kinds of components ranging from shocks, to axle housings to chassis. In fact Wichenbach’s current chassis was our twenty-second build all the way back in 2001. However as the competitions and chassis construction have evolved to meet new demands, Wichenbach decided it was time to start fresh with a new build.

The PEI team completed fabrication on the chassis just days ago and the Bottom Feeder Motorsports crew arrived at our shop in Circleville, Ohio to pick it up along with other PEI fabricated parts.

We look forward to seeing Wichenbach in action with his all new piece later this year. Thanks to Greg and Cristy for their continued support of PEI!