If you saw our post Tuesday, you saw that the all new Razin Kane monster truck debuted over the weekend at the Miami Monster Jam in their first event of the season. That’s not the only new piece coming from the Razin Kane Monster Trucks camp, as the Deland, Florida based team placed an order for another chassis over the Summer. While the first of two chassis’ was picked up in October to be assembled by the Razin Kane camp in Florida, the second chassis was completed later by the PEI staff. With the busy scheduling in the monster truck industry as well as McNeal’s construction business, the chassis was picked up in the beginning of December as the team was on their way to the Monster Truck Throwdown Awards Ceremony and premiere of the Monster Truck DVD “Throw Down For What?” Some of the Monster Truck Throwdown media crew and staff even had some fun as they posed for a photo with the chassis outside their hotel.

With the 2015 First Quarter season already underway this chassis will be a work in progress to become a new race truck in the Razin Kane Monster Trucks came to hit the track in the near future.