As a very busy summer season got underway for 2018 the Samson Monster Truck Racing Team decided to change things up a bit for the trucks appearance. After running a few variants of designs over the past few seasons the team decided an all new look was in order for this year. An all new, modern wrap design was created and installed prior to the start of the summer at the PEI Shop. The new scheme was well received on social media and in person from fans who witnessed it first hand at its debut in Dresser, Wisconsin.

Following the Dresser event, the next stop on the schedule for the team would be in Elk River, Minnesota at ERX Motorsports Park. This event featured the largest line up of trucks outside of the World Finals with 20 trucks competing over two days. With so many great trucks in attendance it would be a challenge to battle for wins on each night, but the Samson team was up for the task. Driver Rick Steffens was on point during both shows as he marched his way through the bracket two nights in a row and picked up back to back racing victories! As the dust settled and weekend points were tallied up, Samson was at the top and claimed the overall event championship as well. It was a big achievement against many of the industry’s best independently owned trucks.

Thanks to all of our great sponsors for their continued support of Samson and PEI. We’re looking forward to the rest of the summer where we’ll be staying busy with a number of events ahead in the coming months. Don’t forget to check out our schedule to see where Samson will be in the next few months. Also remember to grab your Samson and PEI gear at our online store.