The 2014 PEI / Samson Open House was recently featured on an episode of TMBTV’s Action Tracks by Chris Parrish. The segment takes you inside our Circleville, Ohio headquarters for a look at what happened at this year’s Open House, along with some behind the scenes on the setup of the event. This year’s Open House had a great turn out with plenty of our friends from the Monster Truck industry, as well as a number of classic muscle cars and antique pullers. Our friends at Hall Brothers Racing brought the Raminator ride truck which was a huge hit with kids and adults alike, as the proceeds from the rides were donated to local children’s communities. The segment also features interviews with Bobby Holman (Beast), Cody Holman (Son Of Beast), and of course Dan Patrick. Check out the segment below courtesy of!

(Segment begins at 14:52 if embedded video doesn’t automatically start there)