Saturday, October 1, 2022  10AM to 5PM
26886 Morris Salem Rd.  Circleville, Ohio  43113
Free Admission To All

Rain or Shine – 740-477-1006

We are so happy to announce this will be our 10th Open House!
There will 2 Ride Trucks – Virginia Giant and our new SAMSON Ride Truck this year!
$10 Monster Truck Rides
Tour our facility
Meet the Team
New Samson Merchandise
Kids Activities
Concessions available

All New Virginia Giant Ride Truck Completed by PEI

Diehl Wilson and the Virginia Giant have been one of our longest customers and when he decided to build an all new ride truck he looked no further than here at PEI. The truck was built completely in house at PEI and finished up in May. Much like all of Diehl Wilson’s trucks, this one is absolutely beautiful. The body and artwork is reminiscent of Wilson’s race truck back in the early 2000’s. The truck has already given plenty of rides this year on the Performance Motorsports Inc schedule and has plenty more ahead in the future. If you’d like to check out the craftsmanship on this truck and go for a ride, you can do so at our Open House on October 5th! Thanks to Diehl Wilson for being a fantastic customer over the past 24 years. If you’re looking forward to building your next ride truck, race truck or just in need of components for your existing truck, make PEI your first choice!

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New Chassis Finished for Larry Overman

First quarter is always a busy time of year for the industry and ourselves as we’re churning out new parts to keep up with the busy demands. While that was going on we were also working on another new chassis, this time for Larry Overman of Barboursville, West Virginia. We were able to finish up this new piece and Overman picked up his new chassis back in March of this year. Read more →

Second Chassis Completed For Zane Rettew

The crew at PEI are always staying busy with a variety of projects but chassis are always some of the biggest projects we do. Before the end of 2018 we completed a second chassis for our repeat customer Zane Rettew of Rettew Motorsports. Rettew has campaigned the Stinger Monster Truck for the past several years and came to us for his chassis needs when building his last two trucks. Rettew and his wife Lindsey have gone on to have great success with their two trucks this year (Stinger and Pretty Wicked) on the Monster Jam circuit. They were able to complete the truck assembly in just one month after picking up the rolling chassis in December. We thank the Rettew’s for their business and look forward to seeing them put our products to the test every time they hit the track!
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Ian Jones and Blaster Claim Victory at Santa Pod Raceway

Congratulations to Ian Jones / Blaster Monster Truck – Racing winner at the 10 Anniversary of Santa Pod Raceway, England August 19, 2018.
PEI built this truck and shipped to Ian Jones in Wales July 2010.
We are very proud of Ian and his racing!
Also blessed to have gotten to know Ian and his family.. uk

All New Chassis Completed for Matt Pagliarulo and Jester Monster Truck

Since taking the turn from being a fan to becoming a driver, Matt Pagliarulo and the Tom Foolery Motorsports team have been supporters and customers of Patrick Enterprises Inc. Their first chassis was completed in 2014 to become the very first Jester Monster Truck. In that time Pagliarulo and his team have competed across the country on the sports’ biggest stages in front of massive crowds and finding success along the way. Pagliarulo has a reputation for pushing the truck to the limits and going big in freestyle every time he takes to the track. Last year the Pagliarulo’s made the decision to expand their operation by adding a second truck to the team with the all new concept for the Kraken Monster Truck for their oldest son Nick. The all new chassis from PEI would be going to Matt and Jester, while Nick would inherit their first truck to run as Kraken. The PEI team would put the finishing touches on the piece in May before delivering it to the Pagliarulo’s in Deltona, Florida along with a ton of parts to complete the assembly of the truck. Their team has a quick turnaround ahead of them as they intend to debut the truck next month in July for a busy summer schedule ahead. We look forward to seeing the all new Jester Monster Truck in action and we’re proud to have the Tom Foolery Motorsports team as great customers putting our products to the test.

Brand New PEI Chassis Complete for Dan Carey

While Dan Carey of Ontario, Canada is a relative newcomer to the monster truck business he’s jumped into in a big way. In 2016 we completed our first chassis for Carey which went on to become the awesome looking Train Wreck monster truck. Since its debut Carey has been performing across Canada and parts of the United States with the truck and making a name for himself and his team. Recently Carey decided to expand his operation and put in an order with Patrick Enterprises Inc for a second chassis which was recently completed. We’re excited to see another happy customer putting our products to work in the industry and looking forward to seeing what Carey and the Train Wreck crew come up with for their next truck. For all your monster truck chassis and monster truck parts needs remember to contact us to get what you need!