All New Virginia Giant Ride Truck Completed by PEI

Diehl Wilson and the Virginia Giant have been one of our longest customers and when he decided to build an all new ride truck he looked no further than here at PEI. The truck was built completely in house at PEI and finished up in May. Much like all of Diehl Wilson’s trucks, this one is absolutely beautiful. The body and artwork is reminiscent of Wilson’s race truck back in the early 2000’s. The truck has already given plenty of rides this year on the Performance Motorsports Inc schedule and has plenty more ahead in the future. If you’d like to check out the craftsmanship on this truck and go for a ride, you can do so at our Open House on October 5th! Thanks to Diehl Wilson for being a fantastic customer over the past 24 years. If you’re looking forward to building your next ride truck, race truck or just in need of components for your existing truck, make PEI your first choice!

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