All New PEI Chassis For JR McNeal and Razin Kane Monster Trucks

The fabricators at PEI just finished up work on their latest chassis, which will soon be on its way to Florida to JR McNeal of the Razin Kane Monster Truck team! That’s not all though, the team at PEI are hard at work putting together PEI chassis for McNeal’s team that will be finished soon.

Another PEI chassis Out the Door | Matt Pagliarula of Deltona, Florida

The latest PEI creation is on its way to a new home in Florida. Owner Matt Pagliarula will be campaigning this new piece as the Jester Monster Truck in 2015.

New 2012 Suburban Projects Headed For Russia

Ramzan-KadyrovThis all new project from the PEI team is a change of pace for the guys, but turned out to be an awesome product when finished. The task was converting two 2012 Chevrolet Suburbans into Monsters! Their final destination would take them all the way to Moscow, Russia. The project involved a lot of customization including two Patrick Chassis’ as the base of the build. When the PEI team finished up work on the two trucks they were loaded into containers and sent over to Russia. One of the trucks has seen recent media attention on the set of a movie called Turquoise in Russia, where the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov took an up close and personal look at the PEI creation.

New Larry Birch PEI Chassis

Here’s a look at a typical day at PEI as the guys are hard at work building Chassis, manufacturing & shipping parts. This particular one is being constructed for Larry Birch.

Epidendio to receive a new PEI XT Chassis

A new “PEI” XT Chassis and two skids of parts will be arriving at Donald Epidendio’s Lower Lake, CA, shop next week. Keep an eye out on Epidendio and the Titan Monster Truck for big things to come in 2013 and beyond!

New PEI Chassis For Rod Wood of Marana, AZ

A new PEI chassis built for Rod Wood of Marana, Arizona ready to be picked up!

Patrick Enterprises Builds Their First Chassis for a Diesel Monster Truck & New Chassis For Rick Disharoon

Dave Radzierez of Tannersville, PA, a.k.a. “Diesel Dave,” has a new “Patrick Chassis” for his Air Dog Monster Truck.

Also, Rick Disharoon of Millsboro, DE, purchased two lower Patrick chassis that he will finish assembling.


Jimmy Creten’s Newest Chassis under construction at PEI

Here’s a sneak peak at an all new Patrick Chassis currently under construction for Jimmy Creten of 2Xtreme Racing. Be on the look out of this all new piece touring as the Bounty Hunter in 2011!


A New Chassis For Bobby Holman Debuts!

Two new “Patrick Chassis”’ were delivered today to Bobby Holman in Dayton, Ohio. Watch for his new trucks at the Special Events shows in 2011.