Dan Patrick Travels to Wales to Drive PEI Built Truck

In August Dan and Chris Patrick of Patrick Enterprises Inc traveled across the Atlantic Ocean where Dan would drive the purpose built race truck he and the PEI team had built for Ian Jones back in 2010. Jones was kind enough to invite Dan and Chris to visit and have Dan drive the truck in the UK Monster Truck Nationals held at Santa Pod Raceway in Wellingsborough, England. The raceway is a former airbase and home to European Drag Racing, but they also put on a great monster truck event for the fans across the pond. We’d like to thank Ian Jones for inviting us over as well as the promoter of the event, Russ Harmon, of Event Developments Ltd. We were greeted with a warm welcome and thankful for the opportunity.

(Race Photos by: Beckie Barratt Photography)

New PEI Components Listing Now Online

Ever been curious as to how many parts we offer at PEI? If you have your wish is being granted as our all new Components page is now online featuring a huge variety of PEI products. If you’re looking for parts we’re your one stop shop for all things Monster Truck parts and components. Head over to the components page to check out what we have to offer like axle components, fabricated parts, shocks and shock parts, steering components, sway bars and arms, wheel tethers and more! Be sure to check out some of our featured kits like our sway bar kits, front power steering pump drive kits, and our wheel tether kit for great savings on the parts you need. If you don’t see a part you’re looking for, need more info on a particular part, or if you need to place an order give us a call at 740-477-1006. We’re adding more information, parts, and prices in the near future so check back soon for the latest info.

Also don’t forget to add the 6th Annual PEI / Samson Open House to your calendar on October 10th! This year’s Open House will be a great time for young an old. You can meet the Samson Monster Truck team, tour the shop, preview upcoming PEI projects, pick up Samson and PEI merchandise, and get a ride on the Virginia Giant monster ride truck for just $5! We’ll have kids activities, monster truck displays, and refreshments available as well. We’ll have more information to come soon so check back here and on our Facebook page for more in the near future.

JR McNeal - PEI Chassis

JR McNeal and Razin Kane Monster Trucks Get Their Second PEI Chassis

If you saw our post Tuesday, you saw that the all new Razin Kane monster truck debuted over the weekend at the Miami Monster Jam in their first event of the season. That’s not the only new piece coming from the Razin Kane Monster Trucks camp, as the Deland, Florida based team placed an order for another chassis over the Summer. While the first of two chassis’ was picked up in October to be assembled by the Razin Kane camp in Florida, the second chassis was completed later by the PEI staff. With the busy scheduling in the monster truck industry as well as McNeal’s construction business, the chassis was picked up in the beginning of December as the team was on their way to the Monster Truck Throwdown Awards Ceremony and premiere of the Monster Truck DVD “Throw Down For What?” Some of the Monster Truck Throwdown media crew and staff even had some fun as they posed for a photo with the chassis outside their hotel.

With the 2015 First Quarter season already underway this chassis will be a work in progress to become a new race truck in the Razin Kane Monster Trucks came to hit the track in the near future.

PEI Hooded Sweatshirt

New PEI Apparel Now Available | T-Shirts, Hats, and Hoodies!

If you’re looking to represent PEI then you have to check out our PEI apparel! The PEI t-shirt has long been a favorite of fans and members of the industry alike, as seen by many top drivers and crew members. We’ve recently added all new hats and hooded sweatshirts to are line up of apparel. The PEI hats are a black Flexfit hat featuring an embroidered PEI logo available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL. With the arrival of winter comes cold temperatures and our hooded sweatshirt is a must have for the season. The PEI hooded sweatshirt features the same eye catching design as our T-Shirts and can help keep you warm when the temperatures drop. Looking to get your PEI gear today? Head over to our merchandise page to get your PEI t-shirts, hats, and hooded sweatshirt. Don’t forget to grab your Samson merchandise while you’re there!

All New PEI Chassis For JR McNeal and Razin Kane Monster Trucks

The fabricators at PEI just finished up work on their latest chassis, which will soon be on its way to Florida to JR McNeal of the Razin Kane Monster Truck team! That’s not all though, the team at PEI are hard at work putting together PEI chassis for McNeal’s team that will be finished soon.

Another PEI chassis Out the Door | Matt Pagliarula of Deltona, Florida

The latest PEI creation is on its way to a new home in Florida. Owner Matt Pagliarula will be campaigning this new piece as the Jester Monster Truck in 2015.

New 2012 Suburban Projects Headed For Russia

Ramzan-KadyrovThis all new project from the PEI team is a change of pace for the guys, but turned out to be an awesome product when finished. The task was converting two 2012 Chevrolet Suburbans into Monsters! Their final destination would take them all the way to Moscow, Russia. The project involved a lot of customization including two Patrick Chassis’ as the base of the build. When the PEI team finished up work on the two trucks they were loaded into containers and sent over to Russia. One of the trucks has seen recent media attention on the set of a movie called Turquoise in Russia, where the leader of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov took an up close and personal look at the PEI creation.

New Larry Birch PEI Chassis

Here’s a look at a typical day at PEI as the guys are hard at work building Chassis, manufacturing & shipping parts. This particular one is being constructed for Larry Birch.